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If you prefer competitive to crates, season five of the Rocket League Championship Series began this weekend, marking the return of the premier competitive stage in Rocket League esports. With a $500,000 USD prize pool (plus another $50,000 USD for the second tier Rival Series) contested over three regions, culminating in a ten team World Championship LAN to decide the best of the best. Defending champions Gale Force will be hot favourites once more, but North America is closing the gap to Europe fast, while Oceania has proven more than capable of matching it with the rest of the world themselves.In Oceania, the Throwdown OCE Championship saw all teams in action, with none of these horrible bye weeks like the RLCS. In the opener Love Decks proved hard work for Chiefs, who required a two goal comeback and game five overtime (though only seven seconds of it) to edge the Kiwi qualifiers. Love Decks couldn’t back that effort up against Dark Sided, who took a comfortable but hardly easy 3-1 series win against the Decks.

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Rocket League is one of the most popular games in video gaming right now.  This is because Psynoix is working very hard to not just make a title, but rather, making sure their title is always at the top of its game so that people will continue to play it, and they’ve done that. But even more than that, they know how to listen to their gamers, which they have proven with the return of a fan-favorite event.
As you may know, Rocket League has it so you can customize your rocket car in a variety of ways. And how you get some of these customizations is via drops and crates. Well, this weekend will be the second ever “Double Drop-Rate” weekend. This means that all items and drops will have a doubled up chance of being uncommon or rare, so you’ll have a chance to be getting some pretty cool things to do to your cars. This includes getting a “painted” version of an item. This event is live now and will go until September 5th.

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The Rockets’ run in Las Vegas came to an end Saturday afternoon as the Rockets lost to the Cavaliers 92-87 in the Round of 16.The Rockets started out slow in the first quarter but picked it up as the game went on. It came all the way down the stretch in the fourth quarter, but the Rockets were not able to hit shots down the stretch.For Cleveland, Collin Sexton led his team in points with 17 and he was tied with former Dayton Flyer Scoochie Smith, who had 17 off the bench and was the team’s most successful scorer.
Houston was without Zhou Qi today and they probably could have used his defense and his three-point shot. As a team, the Rockets shot just 10-39 from the three-point line and 36.1 percent from the floor.The only Rocket with any amount of success today on the offensive end was Danuel House, who scored a game-high 30 on 10-20 shooting.De’Anthony Melton also had a strong game on the defensive end with four steals and 10 rebounds, but struggled from the offensive end, shooting just 5-17 from the floor.

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For a contest that usually bears little defense and little significance in the outcome, the NBA All-Star game provides these memories that shape players’ careers. After all, Durant’s lob to Westbrook in last year’s All-Star game in New Orleans marked one of the first steps in reconciling.“It’s been fine. It’s been normal,” Westbrook said. “Communicating and that’s about it. All the other stuff is kind of irrelevant. Keeping it cool, talking to me when we need to, and moving it forward.”In hopes to produce more meaning, the 2018 NBA All-Star game on Sunday will ditch the traditional matchups between Eastern Conference and Western Conference stars. Instead, it will feature two dreams constructed by captains Stephen Curry and LeBron James.So unlike what the Warriors have enjoyed for the past 1 ½ seasons, Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green will not play with Durant. So, that means one thing.“Hard screens on KD, hard fouls on KD,” Green said, smiling. “It’s going to be a battle. It should be fun. Hopefully it doesn’t mess up our relationship to try to pursue this championship.”

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It's just an off-screen image posted by YouTuber Chris Denker aka DenkOps, but its concrete proof NBA Live 18 is indeed going to be released sometime later this year. The image below shows a profile shot of the Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James and the Boston Celtics' Avery Bradley is off in the distance, but you can tell it's him.The clarity obviously isn't ideal, but there are a few things you can take away from the image.LeBron is noticeably muscular, perhaps a little too hulkish. It's always tough to balance the render of a player like James. It's easy to see he's a larger guy than most in the NBA when it comes to muscle mass, but in a video game, how much is too much?I'd have to see a side-by-side comparison to a string bean like Kevin Durant, and someone more in the middle like Kawhi Leonard before I could make a final judgment on the body structures.

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I am a soccer player. I am also a red and blue car with an American flag, wearing a fez and have a flamethrower shooting from my exhaust. Rocket League might be the best sports video game ever made, and something you really need to play.Rocket League is an multiplayer game of car soccer that is primarily played online. Teams are typically three players each, but these can be adjusted in-game. It's conceptually simple. We've seen this before on Top Gear, but Rocket League takes this idea and turns it up to 11 with double-jumps, boosts, power slides, driving on walls and even flying -- if you can control your car right.
What makes it all tick is just how right the controls feel. When you mess something up it's your fault, when you do something cool it's on your own merit and this makes it impossible to stop playing. This is soccer distilled to its most pure form without the stoppages, cards, offsides or delays.Rocket League takes what we love about sports and ensures there's a level playing field in a way traditional sports video games can't. Team and player ratings mean they're never balanced -- because sports aren't fair. This is why competitive Madden isn't really a thing. Competitive gaming leans on perfect balance for both sides, and that's why Rocket League works.

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Online multiplayer is executed quite well for a system that has been plagued with online multiplayer issues. Whatever Panic Button and Psyonix did, they need to help out over developers. Dropping out and out of games is smooth on both sides. Multiple times I ran into teammates just dropping, and each time a bot came in and took their place with no issue. I tried it by removing crcross-platform play, and still, Rocket League ran smooth. At all times of the day, you can hop into any casual or competitive mode, and easily pick up a game in a few seconds. For a game that has been out for two years, the Rocket League community has seemed to embrace Switch players with open arms.
Local multiplayer is fun as well, even though the system has to be docked. Playing with a single Joy-Con is comfortable and feels quite comfortable. I get sweaty hands when playing games, and the joy-con didn’t leave my hands feeling cramped or slipping. There was a game I played with a buddy I ran into at PAX Unplugged, and he was so excited when he heard the Mario car’s jump. The car’s jump audio is the same sound bit that Mario’s character makes when jumping in the game. It’s a great trick to show people. Who doesn’t want to ride around and flip a Mario themed car around? There is also a car modeled after Samus’ gunship.

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Dunham says the game is ahead of schedule in terms of development. He let GamesIndustry.biz goes hands on with the game and asked us what we thought. We told him: "It feels like Rocket League.""That's our favourite sentence," he says. "If people tell us it feels like Rocket League, then we're happy."
Rocket League's move onto Switch is just one way in which the game is expanding. The company has recently broadened out into merchandise as well, from clothes and posters to toy cars and stickers. There's even the prospect of maybe Amiibo in the future."We have been a bit critical of our own ability to keep up with merchandise requests," says Dunham. "There are a number of types of things that people have asked us for that we just don't make, or aren't available. So we are trying to find the right partners to team up with make those things. For us, we are not looking at it as a major revenue stream. It's more a way to let the fans get access to things that they like about Rocket League."

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Psyonix, the publisher behind the super-powered soccer-car game, announced that the next update for Rocket League is coming on Wednesday (May 10). Update 1.34 is packed with all-new battle vehicles, technical improvements, sleek redesigns, and the return of a fan-favorite gameplay arena.

The news broke on the official Rocket League website, where Psyonix posted a blog update detailing the update's arrival and content specifications. "We're excited to announce that our next update for Rocket League is coming later this week," Psyonix wrote. The update will arrive on May 10 at 3pm PDT/6pm EDT for North American players, and on May 11 at 12am CEDT for European fans and 9am AEST for those in Oceania.

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If you are part of the community of players who enjoy Rocket League and its continuous events, you should know that Psyonix is ​​preparing a new event so that you do not get bored at Christmas. An event that has been presented as Frosty Fest, or Frozen Party, which will begin in a few days, more specifically, on December 11, and will last until January 2. As expected, the reason for this event is winter, which comes to Rocket League in the form of games, rewards and fun.

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