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Trust is the most prominent of all the virtues and sought by everybody in all the spheres of life but it is hard to find in the present times where people are self-centered and immigration industry is not different from others in this aspect, rather this sector is full of agents who thrive by misusing innocent people and break their trust for short term gains. Therefore, if you are thinking of consulting an immigration consultant in Chandigarh for going abroad for any purpose then be very careful while making this choice.

You can check the testimonials of the clients of any firm and the online reviews to know how trustworthy any consultant is. Although it does not give a confirmed answer to your question but you can still shortlist some of the good ones like that. However, the best part is to meet and judge it yourself using your intelligence and instincts. Do seek for references of the known people who have utilized their services.

Signs of the most trusted immigration consultants in Chandigarh:

·      It must have the approval from authorities to provide consultation for visa, so that is the first thing you should check. You can find such information from their website.

·     When you contact them they will not shy away from inviting you to their office as there is nothing to hide.

·   Do ask about the charges for counseling with their visa counsellors over the phone, the genuine ones will not charge you anything for counselling, be it initial or multiple after that.

·        They will have an organized way of doing things as it is beneficial for the clients. Thus, in the first counseling session, they will ask for the relevant details from you and analyze your profile well before making any suggestions. Also, they do not take a lot of time to do that as they are well versed with the policies, rules and other aspects due to their huge experience and vast knowledge.

·      Post that, they will suggest the best options for you depending upon the type of visa you are seeking, like student visa, PR visa, tourist visa, visitor visa etcetera.

·    You will be told about the whole process, step by step so that you have clarity about it and you are not in dark about anything including the amount you need to pay to the respective authorities to get the desired visa. This is dependent on the country where you wish to go and the type of visa you are applying for so it will vary.

·      You should ask questions about the things you are not clear about and they will not hesitate to give prompt and clear answers with complete confidence. This shows that they are very honest and have great knowledge about their field. If you see that any consultant is not giving you straight answers and trying to beat around the bush then that’s not trustworthy and you should get alert, you must not proceed further with this and look elsewhere.

·    The best and trusted immigration consultants will be very resourceful and will be able to make things possible for you through the legal channels so that you do not face any issues and they do provide their services post receiving the visa too because for them the happiness of a client has great significance.

·         The honest immigration consultants ensure that you are informed about every step of the process once they start working on your profile. Everything will be transparent and proactive from their end.

·         The organization will offer you its complete assistance and will go an extra mile to help you achieve your goal. Thus you will find other crucial services as well like preparing clients for the English test if needed, getting the documents ready in the acceptable format, loan assistance, planning travel, making foreign currency available and much more. The team will make sure that you do not have to do any running around; they will do that for you.

All of the above written factors are vital in finalizing the immigration consultant for you, either you go through the whole process or you can just cut the chase and reach Abroad Gateway in sector 42 Chandigarh which has everything mentioned above and has a proven record to justify that. It is the most trustedimmigration consultants in Chandigarh and that is the reason it has a lot of repeat customers. It had been able to get the visas for almost all the family members of many families for various reasons as whoever comes once, never thinks of going anywhere after that for visa.


Best Canada Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh

The most preferred country for study in India is Canada because it provides a lot of opportunities to study and work after that. Anyone who is eligible as per the rules and policies of Canada can apply for it. One can do it themselves over the official website of the Canadian embassy or hire an agent to do that on your behalf. However, the best way forward is to choose a good Canada study visa consultant for this because the visa application process is very complex and full of terms and conditions in regards to the strict immigration laws of Canada. You can contact a visa consultant in your country or if you are in or around the city Chandigarh then you must reach out to the best Canada Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh.

Following are some of the good Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh:

·         Abroad Gateway

·         SWIS Immigration 

·         IBT

·         Flytouch

·         Western Overseas


Abroad Gateway

It is the best one among the whole bunch of study visa consultants in Chandigarhfor Canada and all the other popular countries that people go to for education and employment. It has been going great in this sector for approximately 10 years and aims to excel in the same in the upcoming years as well. It has been able to perform like that due to their Unique Service Points (USP) which are as follows:

All the services under one roof:The biggest challenge that students face while working on the process to get the student visa is that they have to run from pillar to post to get the work done as it involves a variety of small processes. However, if you have hired Abroad Gateway as your Canada Study Visa Consultants in Chandigrahthen you do not have to worry a bit for anything. They offer a lot of services to its clients so that they do not have to do the running around, be it for preparing the documents, application of student loan or preparing to clear the English language test and much more. Here is what all they do for their clients:

Counselling for visa:They provide no cost counselling to all their clients in which they analyse their profile and advice about the best course of action. They provide the list of documents needed for the purpose so that one can get them prepared in advance.

Coaching for IELTS/PTE/Duolingo:As the English proficiency test’s score is mandatory to apply for Canadian study visa, it has empanelled a team of expert English language trainers who prepare their clients to score well in the test.

Writing SOP for the Clients:Statement of Purpose is an essential document that universities prefer to have with the application forms as it conveys the need to study in that university based upon the facts obtained after thorough research and the implementation of that post completion of the course. Team Abroad Gateway prepares the SOP for their clients itself as they know better what and how the information needs to be written so that the university is convinced about the candidature. However, a little different SOP is needed at the time of visa application to the embassy, the team here writes that as well so that you are not troubled at all.

Assisting for Funds Availability:We all know that a certain amount of funds are required to be able to process it, the Abroad Gateway team helps out its clients in case of lack of funds by facilitating the student education loan through a reliable financer.

Applying to University:Once all the documents are ready along with the finances and English test scores, they apply to the university on your behalf to get the offer letter for enrolment so that you have a seat secured in your preferred educational institution.

Applying to Embassy:After you get the offer letter, they apply to the embassy for the student visa. It is imperative that your application and the documents are well presented so that the visa officer gets convinced and accepts your application to give you the visa. Abroad Gateway is the Best Canada Study Visa Consultantbecause it knows perfectly how to do that which is clear from its success rate.

Travel Arrangements:After you receive the visa, the next step is to make travel plan to go to Canada. This consultancy does even that for its clients, they book the tickets for you and assist with accommodation and pick-up facility at the airport.

Converting Indian Currency to the Foreign Currency:In Canada you need Canadian dollars to buy things; therefore you need to get your currency changed or money available in the CAD. Abroad Gateway get the currency converted for you at the lowest rates. 

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