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Path of Exile's realm of Wraeclast is a wild place, where societal norms take a back seat. There are no laws, and initially, there was no currency. However, when exiles from Oriath arrived, they brought the concept of trade with them. That led to a frenzy of hunting for valuable orbs, the rocks that serve as the Path of Exile Currency. These orbs determine the worth of items, and among them, Chaos Orbs are the most common and serve as the game's primary currency. But each orb has unique properties and uses beyond being mere currency. The aim for players is to accumulate the rarest orbs to amass wealth and power.

1. Ancient Orb

Ancient Orbs are among the rarest currencies in the game. They were introduced during the Harbinger League in 2017. In terms of value, one Ancient Orb is roughly equivalent to 10 Chaos Orbs in the Standard league. These orbs are used to transform a unique item into another item of the same class, making them valuable for refining unique flask items. To obtain Ancient Orbs, players need to gather Ancient Shards, which drop from Harbingers.

2. Divine Orb

Divine Orbs are among the oldest and most enduring orbs in Path of Exile. They maintain their value despite the introduction of rarer orbs. In the Standard league, a Divine Orb is worth around 11 Chaos Orbs. These orbs come in handy when you finally acquire a unique or rare item but are disappointed with its stats. Divine Orbs can be used to adjust and refine the attributes of such items, potentially making them more powerful.

3. Mirror Shard

Mirror Shards, unlike orbs, don't possess inherent value. Instead, players collect them in stacks of 20 to create a Mirror of Kalandra. Currently, 20 Mirror Shards are valued at approximately 5,500 Chaos Orbs. While they don't serve an immediate purpose, they can be used to secure a Mirror of Kalandra. These shards drop from Harbingers or are found in maps with the Harbinger League modifier.

4. Mirror of Kalandra

The Mirror of Kalandra stands as the rarest currency in Path of Exile. Its scarcity matches its significance, as it allows players to create an exact duplicate of an item, albeit marked as a duplicate and unmodifiable. Acquiring a Mirror of Kalandra can be a monumental achievement. It can be obtained through Mirror Shards or Divination Cards. Despite its rarity, the Mirror of Kalandra is valued at more than 100,000 Chaos Orbs. It's a coveted item that holds immense worth for dedicated players.

In the end, the pursuit of these shiny orbs, each with its unique function and rarity, is a key part of the Path of Exile experience. Whether you're trading for Chaos Orbs or striving to attain the elusive Mirror of Kalandra, Path of Exile's economy revolves around these precious orbs that can shape your journey in the game.

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