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Gold in New World is a precious metal used to craft various amulets and rings at the Tier 3 crafting station. It's a valuable but rare metal that can be challenging to come by throughout the regions of New World. To mine gold, players need to have a mining skill level of 45.

Similar to iron and silver mines in New World, gold is primarily found in mountainous regions, as well as in caves and dungeons. Once players reach the appropriate mining level, they can mine this valuable metal from specific locations scattered across various regions. Read on to learn about the best locations to find and farm New World Coins.

Best Locations to Mine Gold in New World

The best locations to mine gold in New World are in the Cutlass Keys, Reekwater, and Great Cleave regions. Some of these locations may have high-level enemies, so players should ensure they are well-equipped for combat or be prepared to retreat as needed. The more gold that can be mined in an area, the more dangerous nearby monsters or wildlife may become.

Where to Find and Farm Gold in New World

In the three regions of Cutlass Keys, Reekwater, and Great Cleave in New World, several specific areas offer a good cycle of gold vein spawns for players to discover. It's important to keep in mind that these locations may change with the full release of New World in September.

Cutlass Keys

In the rugged, hilly terrain in the northeast part of Cutlass Keys, there are numerous gold vein deposits available for mining. The area hosts various monsters, but they shouldn't pose too much of a threat, even for lower-level players. However, it's advisable to clear out the Lost wandering zombies in the area before mining gold, as they can become a nuisance.


A large cluster of gold vein deposits can be found at the top end of the northern border of Reekwater. The availability of mineable gold in this area extends beyond Reekwater and into the southern border of Weaver's Fen. Players should ensure thorough exploration of the surrounding area to gather the most gold, but they should also be wary of the dangerous level 62 Mireclaw creatures in the vicinity.

Great Cleave

One of the best places to farm gold in New World is in the eastern-central part of Great Cleave, near Frostwarden's Lair. Level 43 Abyss Abominations guard the mining nodes in this area. For players who feel they aren't powerful enough to confront them head-on, setting up a camp nearby as a respawn point would be a wise idea.

By following these strategies, you'll have a better chance of finding and farming gold in New World. Good luck on your mining adventures in Aeternum! If you are tired of Farming Gold, then you can try to Buy New World Coins from a reliable supplier such as RPGStash, which is a professional MMORPG trading platform with a professional team and high-quality service. It is a trustworthy supplier.