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 Make changes to your data

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 Your nonprofit may collect artworks, but it also needs lots of information. Don't let important data get lost on various platforms or on desktops. Your information must be protected.

 All your important data is accessible in one location to give you actionable information. You can identify your most valuable donors, connect with supporters with the highest potential, and even hire artists.

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 People who have the most impressive record.

 Want to learn more about the Artwork Archive CRM? Here's what's included:

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 Contact Profiles: artists, donors, art professionals, members, etc.

 Contact Groups and affiliations

 The connection between art and people exhibitions, places, and locations other details

 Web integrations seamless and seamless

 Intuitive reports & querying

 Their biggest fundraiser and signature event The Winter Park Paint Out, was when they announced that they would be closing. The museum team quickly pivoted and restructured

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 They have made their festival plein air accessible online as an exhibition and sale.

 They were shocked to discover that the fundraiser was being distributed outside of their locality. They didn't limit their appeal to only those who could.

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 The event was open to all. Artists could exhibit additional works. They weren't restricted by the physical limits of the gallery walls.

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 Enhance visibility by establishing an online presence

 COVID taught COVID that online platforms are able to reach far beyond the local community. At Artwork Archive we saw many art institutions

 Create online exhibits and then share your collection with the local community.

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 The instigations led to the creation of Public Profiles that were hosted on the Artwork Archive's Discovery portal, and then sent to private Rooms and engaged VIP contact.

 efforts like press releases, press. It is also possible to monitor tasks related to artists by putting reminders on the artist's record. Be aware of when an artist is dropping

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 You can drop by to pick up your artwork, or when the consignment agreement is due.

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 These artist contact details are accessible on your Artwork Archive Public Profile. You can embed them onto your site. Check out the ways Marjorie Barrick

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 Museum of Art displays the works of artists from their collection. How they do it is through the Albin Polasek Museum and the Sculpture Garden integrate these artist pages

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 Did you have the knowledge that Artwork Archive has an Artist Upload Page? Artists can upload their artworks directly into your account using an account password

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 Protected page. Users can also modify their contact details. This is helpful for coordination of submission calls or keeping the track of annual reports.


It's easier to manage relationships. Create an email list of contacts to track all interactions.

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 You can see which donations your donors made in the past and when. Is it possible to forget if you have already shared the prospectus with your donors? Find out when the last time you shared an article.

 You can also share your Patrons' Private Room or document. Keep a record of the latest communication. Important dates like renewals of memberships or anniversaries should be kept in mind.

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 Cultivate supporters into future donors

 Are you keeping track of supporters who haven't yet donated? These connections are crucial to manage. Collect contact details from the event's

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 Whether they are present in person or online. Upload these contacts into Artwork Archive so you can group them into potential affinity groups.

 Use the Contacts section to organize your volunteers. Keep track of contact information, keep an eye on their availability and interest and then plan them for the future.


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 Reduce the rate of attrition

 So that you don’t lose touch, create reminders. Keep your donors' attention on key details like past events, preferences, and the past.

 Artwork Archive's CRM could be used to establish new relationships with donors

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 Artwork Archive can be accessed on any device, since it's cloud-based.

 Let's suppose that you're the director at an academic gallery. At an event at the campus, you will encounter an philanthropist. They're attracted to your institution, particularly in

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 an upcoming retrospective you've organized, as well as your various patronage levels.

 Artwork Archive's CRM may be utilized to create a contact record of donors who are likely to donate. It is possible to include general information as well as social networking links to this contact record.

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 Links to media and notes about how you came across them, and additional distinctive characteristics such as other charities they are a part of or whose works they admire

 They might like it.

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 You can add the new donor contact to a contact list like "VIP previewXX" for any retrospective show that is of interest to them. If they don't want to be added to the contact group, then you can make sure that they know.

 An unexpected benefit of having the event online was that they saw the sale outside of their local area. They didn't restrict themselves to those who were able to.

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 It was free to everyone. Artists were able to exhibit their work in a larger scale. They were not limited by the physical limits of gallery walls.

 The presence of online sites can boost visibility

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 COVID taught COVID how virtual platforms could be used to reach out to a larger audience than the local community. At Artwork Archive we saw many art institutions

 Create online exhibitions and then share out their collections with communities near and far.

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 These instigations created Public Profiles on Artwork Archive’s Discovery platform, and then they also sent out Private Rooms to VIP users.

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 All exhibits, artworks, and profiles of artists can be embedded onto websites by logging into their Artwork Archive account.

 Did you know that Artwork Archive has an Artist Upload Page? You can allow artists to upload their work directly to your account by using a password

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 Protected page. They can also update contact information. This is an excellent way to stay on top of annual tasks or coordinating calls to submit submissions.


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 Artwork Archive's CRM: How to build donor relations and prevent loss

 It's important to continue expanding your donor base to ensure the long-term success of your organization. However, strengthening your connections with your existing networks is equally crucial.

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 one of the most important factors that determine long-term sustainability.

 Because all the information you require is available in one place, a CRM will aid you and your organization to understand and improve the donor relationship.

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 place. Let your data speak for you and assist your organization achieve its mission.

 Revenue growth

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 Despite the widespread lifting of lockdowns and digital transactions continuing to grow, This is due to the fact that online transactions are now more popular than ever.

 Traditional galleries closed in order to allow art purchases however, the millennial generation is spending more money on art than ever before and the job market is stable.

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 Industries are also having difficulty attracting employees to their employees). The 'Resilience and the Dealer Sector A' section will provide more details on online art sales.

 Mid-Year Review 2021' report written by Dr. Clare McAndrew, renowned cultural economist and the founder of Arts Economics.

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 At Artwork Archive we've seen a number of nonprofits organize art sales. These online transactions are used as fundraisers, and also help local artists.

 creative economy.

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 Each summer the Point O' Woods Arts Society hosts a Summer Show in which they offer original art. In the event of the pandemic in 2020 the majority of their community will be affected.

 Let's assume that the philanthropist who you first met is one of your top donors. It's an excellent idea to include her to your list of contacts. For instance, you could add this contact

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 You can offer your entire group exclusive deals to build the bonds of friendship by joining a group dubbed VIP Donors.

 You can work smarter if you plan an exhibition in conjunction with all artists who are participating in the show at the same time and adding more.

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 Notifications to follow-up on certain artists concerning shipping deadlines, loans agreements or special events, like openings or lectures.

 Find quickly the most important details

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 If you give a gift it is automatically recorded by the system the donor and classes them as an "Donor" within your account. This allows you to sort through

 Contact people who have donated art to your organization.

 Same applies to registering sales at benefit auctions. Artwork Archive automatically labels the buyer as a "Client" whenever you register the sale transaction. This lets you monitor and control your transactions.

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 You can easily monitor this vital population.

 You can create a CRM in your CMS and also:

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 All of your contact information can be consolidated in one location.

 Always keep track of your digital address book.

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 Find trends in donor behavior

 Make informed suggestions to increase your donations in the future.

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 Your staff should be empowered and aligned through having access to important information throughout the day.

 Allies together in achieving the goals of the business.

 Artwork Archive has developed an integrated CRM tool that can help you to build new connections and build on existing ones. It also helps you to work more efficiently.

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 We have listed specific ways that you can lessen stress and concentrate on your mission.

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