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 Data visualization

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 Have a CRM you are happy with?

 That's great! Artwork Archive data can easily be transferred to donor management systems for donor management.

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 We work with clients that have curatorial/exhibition staff that works with a separate development team. Consider an academic institution with a museum

 Staff and a college advancement team. The college advancement team and staff can be joined by Artwork Archive, all your art-related data can be easily shared between the two teams. Reports can be created to share with others.

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 Get connected across departments by contacting us. Import contact data from the CRM of your company. The information can be saved in one central database for your art.


 Your Art Collection Database Can Be a Fundraising Tool

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 Artwork Archive is not a tool to raise money. Artwork Archive provides powerful tools for collectors, artists and other organisations.

 We can assist them in managing their art, career, and collections. We have seen the creativeness of our customers and have learned that we can provide more than just an art database.

 COVID helped arts organizations become more creative in the ways they engage with their patrons. Here's what institutions in the arts are doing using our tools.

 You can add the new donor contact into an existing contact group like one called "VIP Preview XX" contact group to be notified of the retrospective event they're interested in. This way, they'll be notified when

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 Once the show has been set up, you are able to filter your contacts using this group to invite them to an exclusive walk-through.

 Just click a button.

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 The CRM will record this action in the record of the contact and you are able to refer back and confirm what information was sent to them, and at what time.

 The CRM tool lets you create reminders for a specific person using your contact list. This can be useful when the potential donor states that they

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 If you would like to invite them to an artist lecture, you can instantly set up a reminder to follow up with them at the appropriate date and time. You can also invite them to the lecture with

 A personal message

 This function can also be employed to remind you to contact appraisers and conservators as well as insurance agents for an annual collection maintenance.

The festival's plein air version is now online for sale and exhibition.

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 An unexpected benefit of having the event online was that they could see sales outside of their community. They did not limit themselves to the people who could.

 Participate in the event personally. Artists were able show additional works. They weren't restricted to the physical limitations of the gallery walls.

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 Enhance visibility by establishing an online presence

 COVID taught us that we can reach beyond our local communities through the aid of online platforms. Artwork Archive saw many art institutions

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 create online exhibitions and share out their collections with communities near and far.

 These instigations created Public Profiles on Artwork Archive’s Discovery platform and they also sent out Private Rooms for VIP contacts.

 They can embed artworks, exhibits and artist profiles on their websites via their ArtworkArchive account.

 You can drop by to collect your work or pay the consignment fee.


 The contact information for these artists is also visible in the Artwork Archive Public Profile. Find out how Marjorie Barrick

 Museum of Art features the artists in their collection. Albin polasek Museum, Sculpture Garden embeds these artist page on their website.



 Did you know that Artwork Archive has an Artist Upload Page? Artists are able to upload their work to your account via the use of a password


 Protected page. They can also change contact information. This is crucial when you coordinate submissions or keep track of annual reports.



 Artwork Archive's CRM can be used to strengthen relationships with donors, as well as to avoid attrition.


 You can report from your Artwork Archive account.


 Strengthening connections between donors

 It's not easy to keep track of all the information when your donor base increases, especially if there isn't a dedicated development staff member.


 It is possible to make managing relationships easier. To ensure that you are aware of each contact, you should create a profile.

 You can see which gifts donors have given you previously. It is possible to forget if you have previously shared the prospectus with donors. Make sure you remember when the last time you published a Report.


 Your patrons can share documents or a private room. Remember the date of most recent communication. Note important dates, like membership renewals or anniversary dates.

 Cultivate supporters into future donors


 Are you keeping track of supporters who haven’t given yet? Those relationships are important to manage too. Keep track of contact information during the time of your gathering.

 Being on top of this information doesn't just help you keep track of your information, but it can also provide you with the information you'll must maintain


 Your existing donors will feel appreciated and will be more engaged. This could lead to greater fundraising!

How to make use of Artwork Archive's CRM to make your work easier:


 Through Artwork Archive's CRM integrated software it is possible to organize and manage your contacts efficiently-making sure there's nothing that gets lost. You can also download A

 CRM can dramatically reduce friction and frustration. It will save you both time and money when have all your contact information together.


 Here are some examples of Artwork Archive's CRM, which makes administration easy:

 Automate tasks

 Reduce the time you spend at your computer. Transfer your contact list to your Artwork Archive Account with our import of contacts. Set reminders


 Share it with your contacts. It takes only a few seconds to make and share reports. It is easy to create address labels.

 Every year, the Point O' Woods Art Association holds an annual sale during the summer months where they auction off their artworks. In the event of the pandemic in 2020, many members of their community will be affected.


 Artwork Archive allowed members to see the exhibit online as they were unable to visit. The show was such a success and the online sales component

 It was that simple to do, the Point O' Woods Arts Association continued their virtual shows even though they were shut down.


 Other revenue streams are feasible. Your organization might consider leasing, licensing, or selling merchandise - all of which can be tracked within Artwork



 Sell items to increase your brand

 Artwork Archive lets you track runs as well as reproductions. Are you selling totes Mugs? Posters? They can be easily tracked


 Artwork Archive allows you to reproduce (and sell) reproductions. The Public Profile and embed allow you to easily share or even market these items.


 Our Discovery platform lets you access your site and other sources.

 DEADLINE: October 6, 20,21


 DATE The dates are: January 18 2022 - April 10, 2022

 WHO: International; Photography, Drawing, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline, Painting

 2022 International Art Exhibit / Calls for Submissions

 Embracing Our Differences is seeking submissions for an outdoor juried art show featuring 50 billboard size images by artists from local, national, and


 international artists and writers. The display represents the interpretations of writers and artists on the theme "enriching people's lives through diversity."

 The exhibit is displayed every year at Bayfront Park in downtown Sarasota. There are awards for all categories.

 In total, $3000 The categories "Best In Show Adult," Best-in-Show student, and "Peoples Choice" are all awarded. A $1000 award is given to Best Quote.

 DEADLINE: October 6, 2021.


 DATES: February 19-20, 2022


 WHO: International, All Media: Craft/Traditional Arts, Photography, Drawing, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline, Painting, Sculpture

 Wintertide Art Experience; Installations wanted / Calls, & Submissions

 The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center seeks proposals for permanent or temporary light-based installations and artworks for installation in Webster's Woods

 Sculpture Park, Port Angeles, WA. We will look at the existing sculptures as well as new ideas.


 All artists and artist teams based in the United States are welcome to apply. Artist teams please designate one primary contact for your group.

 DEADLINE: October 9, 2020

 Dates The dates are: November 26, 2021 - February 9, 2022

 FEE: $15

 WHO: National, Sculpture – Must use light in the design element of primary importance

 PICKING UP THE PICES - Collage Artists of America’s annual Juried International Virtual Exhibit

 Collage Artists of America, (CAA) will accept entries for "Picking-up the Pieces" A biennial Juried International Open Exhibit.

 November 1 to 30 November 1 - 30, 2021 Artists are encouraged to use this opportunity to display their collage talents and reflect on the previous year, and look ahead to the future.

The United States has the best and most experienced, financially sound, artist-friendly year-round outdoor sculpture program. The sculptures were purchased by the


 The sculptures will be loaned out to the exhibition for one year by selected sculptors. The selected sculptors will each be awarded a honorarium of $1,500. Each year, the Sculpture Walk also awards best in show

 Awards that are based on the artist's merit are evaluated by the 8-10 sculptors who participate who are part of the exhibit. The Most Outstanding in Show winner will receive $2,000, and nine runners-up of the Best in Show award.

 The winner will be awarded the sum of $1,000. At the end of the year, the people's choice sculpture will be purchased for a price that does not exceed $20,000. Entry fee of $25


 DEADLINE: October 1st, 20,21

 DATE: May 14th-2022 - May 2023


 FEE: $25

 WHO: National and mixed media, sculpture

 12th Annual tapped Artworks of Artists and Former Instructors

 The non-profit arts group based in Cincinnati and gallery, Manifest, invites visual artists and designers to submit their works of art in any media, any


 Any size, no matter the genre or style. Artists look for instructors who have been a significant teacher or whose work they admire, and then  tap them.

 Participate in this submit a submission. Anyone can initiate the submission to this exhibition. Up to four entries, $40 $5 per additional entry

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